Enhanced Quick Bill


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The Quick Bill product feature allows merchants to easily create & send payment requests. Quick Bills contain form fields for payment amount, client
 email address, first name, last name, reference number, subject line and message text. Merchants can customize the subject line, message text and save the changes. When clients receive Quick Bills, a payment link is embedded in the email. Clients pay Quick Bill(s) via
 the payment portal page.

The status of all payment requests can be easily tracked in the Quick Bills tab. Unpaid Quick Bills can be resent, adjusted, saved or deleted.
 Transaction(s) associated with Quick Bill(s) are directly linked and easy to find. Quick Bills paid by clients outside of the AffiniPay payment
 portal can be marked as paid by merchants for tracking purposes.

Client Payment Requests

Managing payments can burn valuable time.

Enhanced Quick Bill provides users with
 the ability to easily send, view, adjust, customize,
 resend and track the status of payment requests.

Merchants may not always accept payment through
 the AffiniPay payment gateway. Enhanced Quick Bill affords merchants the ability to mark
 payment requests as paid/unpaid by other payment methods.

In 2017 AffiniPay processed $36.8 billion.


Track Quick Bills

Quick Bill Tab

Enhanced Quick Bill allow merchants
 to see payments as they come in, stay on top
 of unpaid Quick Bills, and get a better grasp
 of their cash flow.

AffiniPay serves over 40,000 merchants, professional firms and associations

Merchants are typically solo attorneys, paralegals,
 public accountants, association 
treasurers, association executives, etc.

"Quick Bill is professional & fast. Gives us a great “Johnny on the spot” first impression with new clients."

— Owner Medium Law Practice