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Schwab Intelligent Portfolios


Product Designer
UI Designer
Interaction Designer

Schwab Intelligent Portfolios’ simple, intuitive interface makes investing more accessible, easier to understand and a lot less work. The 
product builds, monitors and rebalances fully diversified portfolios without service or management fees.

Launched March 2015

Following Initial Product Launch

UX and development teams began to increase consistency across the web product

 Compact native and tablet design began for both iOS
 and Android platforms.

Over $21 billion in assets under management in the Schwab Intelligent Portfolio product.

Approximately $2.6 trillion in assets under Charles Schwab wealth management overall.


Goal Tracker

Set Up & Track an Investment Goal

Goal Tracker provides daily monitoring of whether a
 goal is On Target, Off Target, or At Risk by projecting
 hypothetical portfolio performance.

The product tracks progress against a goal over time
and allows adjustments to variables, such as
 contributions. The impact of changes to a goal are 
presented to the user for review, before saving.

Automatic tax-loss harvesting for portfolios with $50,000.

"I literally had to do nothing else but sign up and transfer the funds.
 I can't speak highly enough of it."

— Schwab Intelligent Portfolios Customer

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