User Research

Understanding our customer's needs, pain points, goals and how to deliver solutions to them is a continuous learning process. At AffiniPay we learned through user research, market research, customer development interviews, usability testing and reporting.

We quickly learned that access to meaningful data from the market can relieve pressure from your decision-making. As our research progressed, building a group of candidates who shared strategic traits with a large number of customers and were willing to shar their time to give feedback. The customer insights group allowed us to validate hypotheses quickly.


Collaborative Discovery

As lead UX researcher, captured the team's
 assumptions as sketches. Consolidated 
more thoughts and transformed sketches into proto-personas.

Reviewed proto-personas with the team to gather
 feedback and questions. Discussed how to validate
 proto-personas and who best to speak with to refine.

Documented findings and adjusted the proto-
personas as we learned.



Usability Interviews

Continuous Learning

Built a prototype and formalized a usability script with the team.
 Recruited customers for usability and interviewed 
participants to validate the design. Usability interviews offered an opportunity to refine our proto-personas and learn more about customers.

Validated our product design with 17 usability interviews.

10 participants were solo attorneys, 5 participants came from small law practices and 2 attorneys from medium size law firms.

"We had very limited data. Looking back, Russ's impact was huge. I have no idea what we would've done without his user research."

— AffiniPay Senior Software Engineer

wire frame
customer journey map