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Product Designer
UI Designer
Interaction Designer

Putting our customers needs ahead of ours means, creating an experience that is easy to learn. Consistency and clarity reduce time users spend learning and simplifies maintenance for the company. Researching what our customers need and might want allows
 us to design an interface that is efficient and easily understood.

Our customers form a perception and an emotional relationship with our applications by using them. A delightful user experience is a
 feeling we aim to offer by striving to tailor, personalize and animate a simple experience.

Design Standards

Consistency Simplifies Learning

User interface patterns promote consistency by 
incorporating universal design conventions and 
leveraging learned behavior.

Design patterns categorized, often available in
 different types, each version is referred to as a 
pattern variant.

12 User interface design patterns with more than 30 pattern variants.

Four branded applications AffiniPay, CPA Charge, LawPay and MedPay.

ui components
color system

Color System

Color & Accessibility

The energetic color palette was inspired and
 extended from AffiniPay's core brand colors.

Color contrast helps everyone see differences 
between certain colors, words and images.

High contrast helps partially or completely color-
blind users see differences.


Key business metrics at a glance.

A dashboard designed for merchants needing quick
 access to comprehensive payment information.

Month-to-date and year-to-date payment data. View
 Total Volume and Average Transactions filtered by 
30 days, 90 days or 12 months.

List of ten most recent 
transactions and top ten clients listed by volume.


"LawPay is very easy to use, clean and modern. I appreciate it,
 the legal industry isn’t known for that."

— Solo Attorney and LawPay Merchant

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