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About Russ Ryan

Read more about my skills, background and professional journey on my home page.

Exploring the world through the lens of my analog 35 mm camera, I've captured stunning moments, from the tranquility of National Parks to the vibrant landscapes of Hawaii and Iceland.

Using a traditional, film-based camera can be both fun and challenging. A welcome opportunity to slow down, take care and realize your intentions.

What is Letter 18?

I designed ‘Letter 18’ as a self-identity. A creative asset representing myself as a designer. My full name is Russell Robert Ryan. 
I view initials as glyphs that go beyond simple identification, representing personal significance.


In Western society, the use of my initials represent ownership, legal identity and agreement. The 18th letter of the alphabet forms the foundation of my identity. The flowing, cursive type adds a touch of sophistication.

Please email your questions to:

Why did the app ask its community for feedback?

Because it wanted to gather insights and stay relevant—just like humans during a retrospective meeting.

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