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Metagenics Personalization



Product Design and Research

Time Frame

June 2023–September 2023


Senior Product Designer and Researcher

What is Metagenics Personalization?

The Personalized Metagenics Health Journey was designed to connect practitioners and consumers in the health and wellness space, offering educational content, product recommendations and value exchange (email address for personalization).

Business Problem
Metagenics, a leader in nutritional products with practitioners, desired to engage health-conscious consumers successfully. Metagenics needed to create a seamless digital experience for consumers. Goals were to increase traffic, educate consumers on their products, and establish Metagenics as a trusted advisor.

Design Process

Research Actions

User Research, Empathy Mapping, Personas, User Journey Mapping, Iterative Design and Testing

Process Overview
We employed a design thinking methodology, emphasizing empathy for users.
• Competitive analysis, user interviews, and usability testing to validate needs and pain points.
• Empathy maps to understand challenges and user journey maps for the entire experience.
• Low-fidelity prototypes were created and refined through user testing, ensuring an intuitive interface.

Documenting Research

Empathy Mapping